Monday, April 27, 2009

13 Months Old

Guess what! I actually have a list of foods Caleb likes to eat to put in his update! Isn't that exciting? Of course it is! But before I get to that, I'll tell you that he weighed 17 pounds 9 ounces at his follow-up appointment with the pediatrician last Tuesday. Not great, but he's not losing either, so I won't complain.
In general, Caleb has been a happier baby since coming home from the hospital. It's amazing what the proper nutrition can do for you, right?? He seems to have more energy and has gotten up on all fours several times. He rolls all over the floor and plays with his toys quite often.

So, what foods does he like? Is that what I hear you asking? Well, let me just tell you. Among his favorites are peas, bananas and sweet potatoes. But he also eats apples with prunes, squash, bananas with mixed berries, corn, and sweet potatoes with turkey. That about covers the baby food. But he's also interested in some table food too. He likes rice cakes a lot, potato chips, french fries, and sometimes he'll eat chicken. As for drinking, he hasn't touched a bottle since we were at the hospital which is fantastic! The recommended amount of his soy drink is 24 ounces a day, but he would drink more if we let him. It's just too expensive so we're limiting the soy drink to 24 ounces, and we've started introducing diluted apple juice if he seems thirsty in between. He's doing okay with the juice, but for the most part he doesn't really want it.

Caleb loves to play with his big sis. She's so entertaining! He's also making more and more sounds. That's good news, too because he went for a long time without making a lot of sounds. It seems now that he's trying to imitate what we're saying. He's started squealing too. It's so cute!

He and Laura Anne love to blow raspberries. It's especially fun in the car. He gets a kick out of it! Oh yeah, and he's trying to convince me that he only needs one nap during the day. I'm not convinced yet, but so far, he's winning. And actually, last night he fell asleep shortly after 7 and slept pretty good until a little after 6:30am!
I think that the older Caleb gets, the more he looks like Laura Anne. What do you think?


My Little Angel said...

awe they are so cute, we really need to set up a play day sometime. I'd luv to meet the cuties, and have u and them meet my princess.

Jessatsea said...

I am so glad to see he is doing so well! :)

Brianna said...

Thanks Jess! He's really doing so well!