Sunday, April 19, 2009

Caleb's First Easter

Day One, They found him guilty and sentenced him to die. When The crowd heard the news they shouted "Crucify". Crowned with thorns they mocked his name and nailed him to a cross. He hung there til his dying breath. Day One, All hope was lost.
Day Two, It's still and quiet. The crowd had all gone home. His broken body in the tomb, sealed with the soldier's stone. Believers who had followed him weep and question why. Seeds of fear and doubt take hold. Day Two, Disciples hide.
Day Three, His body's missing. The stone was rolled away. An angel of the Lord appeared when the women came. Trembling out of fear and joy. Amazed at what they find, they quickly run to spread the word. Day Three, He is alive!
Day One, the hill ran crimson red with blood to cleanse all sin. Day Two reminds us keep the faith when the doubts set in. What a difference one day makes, from death to victory. The cross became an empty grave on Day Three.
"Day Three" by Lord Song
Last year, I was as big as a house on Easter Sunday. I was given a stool to sit on during our special music so I wouldn't fall down or pass out. Many people told me they thought I was going to go into labor during the service. Thankfully, that didn't happen, and I can tell you I was worried about that!
Three days later, out popped Caleb, making this day his very first Easter Sunday. I was sad he had to spend it in the hospital, and we couldn't all be together, but it turned out to be a great day anyway.
I went to church with my family and afterwards, visited Caleb and Chris at the hospital.
And it wasn't just Caleb's first Easter, either! It was also this precious baby girl's first! I went to my parents house for Easter dinner where I got to see my sweet nephews and niece. Oh yeah, and their mom and dad too. :o)
We had a spontaneous Easter egg hunt. It was really fun.

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