Wednesday, April 22, 2009

(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday

This is a neighbor's cat that comes over to hang out with us often. We call him Wubbzy.

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Sunshine Mama said...

Hi, I just commented on your other blog, but I was reading about your son's weight gain problems and my son has the same problem. He's 14 months and weighs 18 pounds 11 ounces. So, I started this concoction for him that my mom got from somewhere...Mix a can of coconut milk, with two TBl of organic goat's milk powder, two Tbl of raw organic honey and two raw organic eggs. I keep it refrigerated and it lasts about two or three days because I give it to him with his meals. Just recently, though, I added four TBL of olive oil to the mixture because of something else I read. Any way, he likes it and if you think about it, he's getting at least 200 calories per half cup. Anyway. maybe this helps.