Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Baby Is Two!

Caleb celebrated his second birthday at the end of March. He started his birthday by sleeping in!
The kids and I did some decorating on the sliding glass doors with some window markers:

The goodies:
I made a Caleb-friendly airplane cake:
He was so excited!
I love how his little tongue is sticking out:

I hate that this picture came out blurry. (New camera...I long for you!) This was after Caleb took a tiny taste of his cake and decided he liked it:
"Mmmm. So this is what I've been missing out on!"

He wanted more:
So I said "what the heck" and let him at it. Such a different kid than he was on his birthday last year! We are so thankful!
He got a surprise present...a big boy bed! But unfortunately, it didn't work out for a few reasons. So we'll be setting up his crib again very soon. We'll try again in a few months!
Some things to note about our big 2-year-old:
~He's a boy of many expressions and cracks us up with them all.
~Just this last week, while the kids were away, he started parting from his pacifier! (I like to leave that job up to the grandparents) :) Right now, he only uses it at nighttime. Woohoo!
~He's talking very well. Chris and I even noticed an improvement since last weekend. For example, one of the first things he said to me after Chris and I arrived to pick the kids up yesterday was this: "I change my poopy diaper!" I was so proud. :)
~He loves all things that go. His favorite I think, are airplanes, followed by motorcycles, trains and fire engines.
~Although he loves his big sister and mimics everything she does, they don't always get along. He does not enjoy sharing his things with her, but then again, since when does sharing come easily with a 2-year-old?
~He loves to eat.
We love you Caleb!! We are so proud of you!


TwinMint said...

So cute! He looks great and so happy.

You did a great job on his cake!

Anonymous said...

He looks like he is on top if the world!! Bri, you did an awesome job on the cake!!

Ellen E

Joanie said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Caleb! He looks so happy! The cake is really nice. Good job!