Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Post #300!!!

Hooray! This is my 3ooth post!

Alrighty, so there's a park really close to where we live. We drove by it recently when it was dark out. So the kids and I walked one day to try to find it, but we couldn't. It was kind of frustrating because I know I had seen it before! Well, we attempted to find it a different day by driving. :) There it was, all hidden by trees. We had walked right past it before. We've gone twice since and the kids love it! We are usually the only ones there which, in my opinion, is great.

Swinging is Caleb's favorite thing to do. His next favorite is the slide. He will continuously slide, then run around to do it again. Laura Anne loves everything. There's even a baseball park there and both of them will just run the bases.

Sigh. My kids smiles make me turn into a puddle.

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