Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Pregnancy Update...Plus Some

The first major event during my 40-day fast: I passed the halfway point in my pregnancy!! Can you believe that? I'm four weeks past that, and I still can't believe it. I absolutely LOVE the birth center I'm going to and the two midwives there are both wonderful ladies. I am so looking forward to giving birth here.

So, during my 20th week, we finally got to have an ultrasound!! We saw our baby for the first time and it was sooo worth waiting for. My mom was able to come for the occasion. It was nice having her there! :) During the ultrasound, the baby was gently moving around. It kept turning its head towards us and moving both arms up by its head. It was awesome. And the answer to the big question: the sex of the baby is still unknown. :D

This is the bottom of the baby's feet:
Hi Baby! Take a look at a straight-on view of the baby's face:
My favorite picture...profile of baby with its left hand up by its face. I just love the elbow and the fist. And the curly thing above the arm is the umbilical cord:
So, following the ultrasound, Chris went to work while Mom and I and the kids headed to Jacksonville. It started off as a lovely visit. Pops took the kids for a walk one day and I secretly snapped a few pictures of them.

One night, this is how I found Laura Anne and Caleb on the airbed. I was supposed to fit between them somehow. :) Precious!
And that, my friends, was the end of our "lovely" visit. It turned very unlovely the next morning, first with Laura Anne and my sister having some kind of stomach bug. The day following that, it was my turn to catch it! I spent the entire day either in bed or in the bathroom. I'm so thankful we were in Jax though, because my kids were taken care of all day. It wouldn't have been that easy had we been home. Anyway, then our trip was over and my youngest brother drove us home. Needless to say, that visit wasn't the most enjoyable one we've had. The stomach bug continued to go through the family after we left too, with my brother and my stepdad catching it. My mom and Caleb were the lucky ones.
So we're currently making up for some of that trip right now. The kids are, at this very moment, spending time at Grammy and Pops' house, behaving like angels (so I hear) and having a ball! I am at home, semi-enjoying the quietness, catching up on Dr. Quinn re-runs and blogging. :) Tonight, Chris and I might just drive the 7 1/2 minutes to the beach for a relaxing stroll by the shore.

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