Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Forgot

Shame on me! I never posted about my trip to Disney World with my lovely sister back in December. Originally, the trip was supposed to be a graduation sis is graduating from UNF with a degree in Nutrition in April!! I'm ever so proud of her. But anyway, we've been planning this trip for a few years.

When I found out I was pregnant back in November, one of my first thoughts was, "oh no! What about Disney?!?!" I was totally freaking out. So for obvious reasons, we had to come up with another plan. We ended up deciding to take our trip during her Christmas break. It worked out really well. And actually, we received a few unexpected blessings. One of which was that we were given free tickets to Disney Quest when we showed up. Yup, just like that! Some guy had extra tickets that he wasn't going to use and we were there at just the right moment to be the ones he offered them to. :) Saved us $80!!

So anyway, our trip was absolutely wonderful! I had no morning sickness! Yay! And I even went on Thunder Mountain (twice!) at the Magic Kingdom. So without getting any more long-winded I will now direct you to a link where you can view all the best photos from our trip. :) Just click RIGHT HERE to see them!

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