Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Pictures; Lots of News

Hey there from the west coast of Florida! I'm so pleased to share that we are together again! This past weekend, with the help of several family members, we packed up our stuff (again) and moved into a cozy 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. It's the first time I've ever lived in an apartment so this oughta be interesting. I've gotta get used to hearing people's footsteps above us. But our apartment is really nice and spacious. Most importantly, I have a dishwasher, I can use my dryer again AND there's carpet in the living room and every bedroom. Sigh. I'm happy.

We do not have our home computer hooked up yet. For now, I'm using my netbook and someone else's wireless signal. :) Hey, it works! But until we get the computer up and running and get our own internet service, I won't be able to post pictures. Unless I can figure out how to get them off my phone. Hm.

I'm also a happy camper because of the local shops and eateries we have very close. :) There's Super Target (whoopee!) about 5 minutes from our home, along with Michael's, Chick-fil-A, Babies R Us (yay!!), Starbucks (!), sigh. The list goes on. I'm really happy right now.

The best news of all I have to report: I have recently started feeling Baby Nugget's movements!!! It's the most incredible feeling ever!! I really can't wait until we can get an ultrasound and have a sneak peek of baby #3! We are NOT (and I'm serious this time) finding out the gender of this baby. To me, there's no reason to. We have a boy and a girl. Who cares what comes next?! I'm so excited I can barely stand it!

Now that we are in our new place where we will bring our baby home, we are getting a better feel for what we need to prepare for little nuggey's arrival. Since Caleb is still in his crib and I don't believe he's ready to move out of it yet, we have talked about getting a bassinet for Baby. Thankfully, a bassinet will fit comfortably in our bedroom, so the baby will be spending a lot of time with mommy and daddy. :) It's also time we buy a new infant car seat. We used the same one for Laura Anne and Caleb and it started to show a lot of wear. We will also need a stroller. Probably a double of some kind because Caleb, I think will ride longer than Laura Anne did. Anyway, it's exciting to think about all these things and I'm thrilled to have a Babies R Us so incredibly close to us!!!

I think I've blabbed enough for now. You get the idea of the goings on, so I'll leave it at that and say toodle-oo!


TwinMint said...


You need to look into BabiesRUs' trade-in program they have right now. I'm sure there's a good trade in there somehow for you guys. You can trade one type of item (carseat) for another type (bassinet maybe?).

You can probably have our double stroller, but it's pretty torn up. Just so you know.

Brianna said...

I never heard about trading at BRU! Cool! I'll look into that. Thanks for the stroller offer. I'm still trying to decide what kind to get. I was thinking about the sit and stand kind....